Powerful B2B Marketing Strategies Your Competitors Are Using

While any good business knows that customization and customer satisfaction is the key to communications success, you may not know the numbers that illustrate why this is the case.

According to recent statistics, 72% of buyers expect companies that engage in business-to-business marketing to personalize communications to meet their individual needs.

If you’re a new business startup and don’t already know what business-to-business (B2B) marketing is, you’re in luck- it’s a pretty simple concept to understand.

As the name suggests, B2B marketing strategies put an emphasis on your business selling services to other businesses.

Since whole organizations are purchasing the services that you offer, you’re sure to make the profits that you need in order for your company to thrive.

Here, we’re going to talk about some of the B2B marketing tactics that are sure to get your name out there as one of the best resources for organizations.

Read on to learn the strategies that you’ll need to use if you want to rise above the competition and be as successful as possible!

Effective Website Development

The first thing that you need to be aware of when engaging in B2B marketing is the development of an effective website.

If your page isn’t engaging or effective, the businesses that you’re trying to sell your services to are going to click away from it and turn to your competitors who have a well-developed online presence.

Read on for the basics of effective website development so that your digital marketing strategy game is on-point.

The Pragmatics

Over half of people use their Smartphones more often than computers.

Furthermore, 72% of people worldwide will exclusively be making searches on their phones by 2025.

Because of this, it’s important that you set your website up to be compatible with iPhone and Android.

Make use of Smartphone layouts when you’re creating your site and ensure that your page will be easy to browse from these devices.

When creating your mobile-compatible website, there are a few practical concerns that you need to consider.

First, make sure that you have an ‘about us’ and FAQ page that clearly discusses the purpose of your business.

Even more important than that is a ‘contact us’ section where other businesses can message you to get quotes on services and learn more about what you offer.

This is essential to good B2B marketing because it will give your clients a clear picture of what you do.

It will also ensure that you give them away to reach out to you without putting in a great effort to find your contact info in the deep corners of the internet.

The Aesthetics

In order to engage in B2B marketing, you’ll need to make sure that your webpage is full of engaging and interactive content.

This means infographics should be present if you want to share numeric or text-heavy data.

Videos with people speaking about your products should be the main feature of your page.

It’s been proven that those who see videos of another human discussing the services that a webpage offers will feel more of a connection to that site’s products.

Since every business is operated with a human being like yourself, this person-to-person marketing is essential for business-to-business marketing.

Also, make sure that your site has a clear branding scheme.

This means incorporating consistent colors that can be associated with your brand as well as a minimalist and memorable logo.

To talk to a professional designer who can help you create the perfect website for other businesses to engage with, click here.

Social Media Outreach

In addition to having a great official website, you’ll need to create pages on all major social media platforms that people can interact with.

If you’re like most people around the world, you’ll understand what it is to spend hours a day on Facebook or Twitter.

As a business owner, this is something you need to be taking advantage of in getting the word of your business out there.

First, create official company pages on these websites.

This will not only keep your business in the public eye, but it will allow you to like or follow the pages of other businesses that are part of your prospective clientele.

You then can interact with these other businesses easily, build relationships with them online, and post advertisements that they’ll see.

Additionally, you can run giveaways on these platforms.

Other businesses will be able to enter into these giveaways to win t-shirts, other company swag, and, best of all, free trials of your services.

You can also post coupons and promotions on social media that will provide the businesses that follow you with an incentive to buy.

Almost every major social media platform like Twitter and Facebook also have specific built-in ways that you can advertise.

Social media marketing targets people in demographics that you choose from- in your case, business owners- and ensures that your engaging, interactive ads appear on their feeds.

You can customize the people that you want to see based on the keywords that they enter into search engines, the pages that they like and follow, or their locations, so this is definitely something to look into.

SEO-Rich Blogging

Once your unique website and social media pages are up and running, it’s time for you to get a leg up on your competitors by boosting your organic traffic.

The best way to do this is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, which use a combination of keywords, links, and original ideas to rank your page high up in search engines like Google.

Read on for a more in-depth discussion of how SEO can help you with B2B marketing.

Keyword Research and Backlinking

SEO is made up of many different marketing strategies, but two of the most essential factors that any SEO packages have in common are keyword research and backlinking.

Keyword research is essentially looking into the words that people search most often in Google, Bing, and other platforms before clicking on your page.

SEO teams use resources like Ahrefs and SEMrush to figure out what keywords are most associated with your webpage.

After determining which of these keywords have the highest search volume and the lowest difficulty ranking in these search engines, content teams will put together blog posts that incorporate these keywords.

Search engine crawlers will then determine that your page has reliable content associated with these keywords and place your page high up in search engines.

‘Backlinking’ refers to the insertion of links into blog posts.

These links will take people to related, credible pages that search engine algorithms will then associate your site with.

If your SEO professional is up to par, these links will be reliable and show search engines that your page must also be reliable as a result of this affiliation.

On the flip side, we offer guest post packages that ensure your site is used as a backlink in a related page’s blog post.

This is another way to associate your page with a related one and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with other pages.

If you’re interested in signing up for these services, click here!

SEO and B2B Marketing Strategies

Okay, so SEO helps you get more organic traffic. That’s great. But how can it help you specifically in B2B marketing?

There are a huge number of answers to this question, but in the interest of time, we’re only going to discuss a couple of them.

First, your clients are using search engines to find the services they need to keep their business thriving.

92% of internet users don’t bother going past the first page after typing in the keyword that they’re looking for, and these prospective clients are no exception.

This means that you need to make sure that your business is shown in these results.

If it isn’t, then you aren’t going to reach other businesses that you’re looking to sell to.

Just as importantly, your competitors are likely already using SEO services.

Since these competitor pages will be optimized with SEO, they’re going to knock your page even further down into the rankings as they rise up.

You need to have an SEO package if you want to rise above them and get the traffic that your business deserves.

Purchasing an SEO Package

Now that you understand the primary functions of SEO and why it’s a crucial B2B marketing trend, it’s time to learn more about reaping its benefits.

Before you start looking for the perfect SEO package, try filling out the form on this page and learning how your page is currently doing when it comes to search engine rankings.

Chances are that the score is nowhere near as high as you want it to be.

In order to ensure that your site can move up in the search engine and get more clicks, you’ll need to do your research and purchase the right SEO package for your company.

We offer a wide number of different SEO related services that you’ll want to look into.

Along with the guest posting strategies we’ve already discussed, basic blog posting is one of the best services that you can get for B2B marketing.

Our team of creative professionals will use the appropriate language, tone, and content to draw in your specific target audience.

However, we also have video marketing SEO packages if you want to make use of visuals.

On-page SEO and customized product descriptions are also among the services we offer so that you can choose the right package for your individual needs.

Local SEO

Another one of the services that we offer is something called local SEO.

If you’re like most people, you likely often make ‘near me’ searches in Google.

When you’re looking for a Chinese restaurant, for example, you may search something like ‘orange chicken near me.’

At the top of your phone screen, you’ll then see all the delicious options for Chinese restaurants you can dine within 5 miles of you.

These searches have grown by 900% in only two years!

While you’re a business marketing services to other businesses rather than being a restaurant, the principle is the same.

This is a local SEO at work. Local SEO is an SEO package that optimizes your page’s location in search results for a given location.

If you’re based in Miami, for example, you’ll appear when people use keywords related to you a) in conjunction with the word ‘Miami,’ b) when their phone’s location service puts them in the Miami area, or c) when Miami-based Smartphones make ‘near me’ searches.

Local SEO is a key aspect of marketing to businesses that can actually use your services. If your target audience is based in a specific location, this is definitely something to consider.

Begin Marketing Today

There are a lot of marketing strategies that your competitors are using, and to remain in the game you’re going to need to adapt to the modern market.

By implementing business to business marketing, you’ll be doing all that you can to ensure that your business rises above the competition and is as successful as possible.

Now that you know the greatest B2B marketing strategies that you should be using in 2020, it’s time to start implementing these strategies today.

Click here to choose a date for your free consultation with AlliedOne Marketing.

When you come in and meet with our knowledgeable professionals, we’ll help you determine what strategies will be the most impactful for your individual needs and brainstorm ways that you can get more clicks and sales.

We’ll also talk about how you can finance the implementation of these marketing trends so that your business can thrive in a stress-free way.

Go get ’em, tiger!

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