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5 Types of Visual Content Your Business Needs to Use

According to statistics, visual content is going to make up over 80% of future marketing strategies. And while this number has steadily increased throughout the years, it forces business owners to examine their marketing strategy.

If you are only using traditional marketing in order to get clients, it’s time to take it to the next level. Visual marketing content provides a way to connect with your audience in ways conventional marketing cannot.

Nothing grabs your audience’s attention as much as images do. Here are some visual content ideas you should implement in your business’s marketing strategy today.

1. Photography

One of the easiest ways to implement visual content to your current marketing strategy is through photography. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook make it easier for businesses to share products via social media.

Not an expert in photography? Take note of these effective steps next time you’re taking pictures of your product:

Use an HD camera

Take product pictures in simple backgrounds

Edit your images before posting

With the use of photography and hashtags, great photography can take your business to the next level.

2. Emojis

It’s no secret. Everyone loves emojis. According to research, over 6 billion emojis are used via message daily. So why not join the group? Whether it be illustrations or icons, using emojis will add a sense of flair to your marketing techniques

3. Videography

We couldn’t go through our list of visual content without highlighting the importance of videography. And while you may automatically think of television commercials, this can also mean videos for your website.

Whether it’s a compilation of customer testimonials or typography, videography can help your customers process the information they need to move forward with their next purchase.

4. Using Comics

While you may think using comics are juvenile, there is something about cartoons that trigger our inner-child.

Let’s face it. The adult in us is subconsciously guarded when it comes to dealing with advertising.

Fortunately, this technique helps consumers steer clear of all pretenses that come attached to purchasing.

5. GIFs

While most internet users still don’t know how to pronounce this acronym, they still provide humorous content using everyday situations.

Think of it as a step above photography. While photography uses great visual content through still images, GIFs involve frames of that image and convert it into a 5-second video.

Visual Content and More For Your Business!

Whether you’re looking for new visual content for your business or want to update your online marketing strategy, we’re here to help.

Marketing has changed from what it used to be. And with the rise of the digital era, you want to make sure your company has the best marketing techniques to flourish.

Need us to analyze your current marketing strategy?

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