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Video Strategy: The Top 5 Ways to Use Videos in Social Media Marketing

When you are trying to get to know the marketing strategy as a whole, it’s crucial important today that you learn to embrace video.

By understanding the strategy that comes with creating quality video content and sharing it with the world, and the benefits that come with it, you can grow your brand exponentially.

Here’s what you need to know about video strategy and how you can make it work for you.

The Benefits of Incorporating Video Strategy to Your Marketing Plans

When you learn how to integrate video into your marketing plans, you will get so much out of them.

Knowing these advantages will help to inform your understanding of video content and how it can work for you.

Video content is excellent because it’s readily available on all devices, and will soon account for the majority of web content.

As such, you need to do your due diligence, go where the people are and hone your video strategy in a way that improves your marketing.

Tips For Incorporating Video Strategy

It’s important to work out the best strategy for your video content.

Doing this will make your marketing more effective, and will grow the reach of your brand.

Here are some of the key points you need to keep in mind when working out your video strategy:

1. Make Use of Stories on Different Platforms

One of the best new evolutions of video marketing has caught on across several different social media platforms.

This evolution referred to as the “story”, allows you to post short videos that people can watch on a temporary basis.

They are compiled on your profile and users can view them by clicking the person’s profile photo or other relevant sections near their bio.

Instagram introduced the story, seemingly inspired by Snapchat.

Ever since outlets like Facebook and Youtube have gotten on board with the technology and introduced stories of their own.

You can win big with video strategy when you master the art of the story.

First off, optimizes these stories to create ways for people to further interact with you.

Including a link to other parts of your brand can be valuable to any story, as can asking people to swipe up to delve into other areas of your content.

You should also make use of the built-in games and features, such as those that allow you to solicit questions from your followers.

This improves the interactivity of the feature and turns your video from a piece of content to a true marketing tool.

The key to mastering Instagram and other stories is to remember that people want to see you and your brand in your element.

Stories aren’t the time to be perfect, so focus more on a connection and being yourself as opposed to trying to “get it right”.

2. Build Your YouTube Channel With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Mind

Today, YouTube is one of the platforms that you absolutely need to be using for your marketing.

Opening up a YouTube channel is one of the best steps that you can take for any marketing needs you have.

YouTube is second only to Google with the traffic that it gets every day, so this is a search engine that you need to master as well.

The more you know about search engine optimization (SEO), the more you can thrive as a marketer as a whole.

Video happens to be the most important part of SEO right now, and this will give you lots of traction on Google.

Qualitatively, people will really appreciate your brand they see you as a constant presence on YouTube creating videos.

It gives you the opportunity to put out free content that connects with and engages with people.

In building your YouTube brand, make sure that you focus on storytelling and ideas.

This is what will gravitate people toward you and make it so that you are able to connect with people on a grand scale.

You should also focus on posting regularly in order to win big with YouTube’s algorithms.

You will need to post videos at least three to five times per week in the beginning to gain any traction.

Always use keyword search tools and incorporate these keywords in your posting and when creating any sorts of topics from the beginning.

3. Create Effective Facebook Video Ads

Facebook ads happen to be one of the most effective forms of marketing today.

In fact, the average user clicks close to a dozen Facebook ads each month.

People will be more likely to click and engage with your ads by incorporating video.

As you create and use these ads, make sure that you also incorporate custom audiences and use the analytics to specifically target the people and demographics that love your video content the most.

Any Facebook ad that you create should also have a strong call to action that drives people to make a decision.

This is why video gets such strong conversions when used in the form of a Facebook ad.

4. Go Live Whenever Possible

One of the best things that you can do is to go live on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other outlets that allow you to.

In this regard, you will be able to train people to expect you to go love on a regular basis.

They will get used to seeing your alerts and expecting quality conversations and content from you if you provide value every time that you go live.

As a result, those that follow your content will stop what they are doing and watch your live video, which creates incredible engagement, long-term value and the potential for conversions by simply talking to your camera every day.

5. Put Together and Encourage Customer Testimonial Videos, About Us Videos and How-To’s

Where video shines is that you are putting a human face to concepts and ideas.

For instance, getting on camera and talking about your company and showing it in action will be a lot more productive than a static “About Us” page on a website.

Rather than just reading customer’s reviews, people really appreciate video of customer testimonials that explains in detail what they appreciated about doing business with you.

Further, How-To videos are far more informative and explanatory than reading it in text form.

If you are trying to create marketing strategies that are helpful, you will need to include a good mix of these three video types and allow it to dictate your video strategy as a whole.

Make the Most of Your Video Marketing

As you can see, you need to have video strategy if you are going to thrive in today’s marketing landscape.

The tips above will be helpful to your video marketing needs.

Consider these points and make sure to get help from a qualified professional.

Take the time to schedule a consultation for service, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any marketing questions.

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